Partnering with Alasdair

Alasdair is known for providing discrete, knowledgeable, and trust-worthy professional security consulting services. Our services are provided either directly to our customers or through our diverse partner channel network. Organizations often have similar goals in mind when attaining talented staff, but the reasons and drivers behind why they seek out people with a particular skillset and/or experience tend to differ greatly.  Our partners and customers often find that to truly address their security needs they need to consider reaching outside their current or available talent pool and bringing-on the right skills to accomplish their goal(s). To this end, Alasdair remains incredible flexible and nimble by working on customized engagements to meet your business’ security objectives through some of the following service offerings:

White-label Services

Whether your company is a large VAR or a regional/local IT services provider, you are all too familiar with seasonal bench/staffing constraints. Seasoned, experienced security practitioners are in exceptionally high demand and often short in supply. Performed under strict covenants of privacy, confidentiality, and confidence, we can engage with your organization, either tactically or strategically, to extend offerings to your customers that enhances their satisfaction and serves to solidify your company’s position for providing continued support and dedication to their goals. These services can be performed under the auspices of your company banner, providing your customers with a seamless experience without the ambiguity of allegiance.


Sometimes a specific project requires additional hands on deck to see it across the finish line. Or perhaps a specific security knowledge set is needed to help sort out a complex puzzle (like PCI compliance) but doesn’t require a full-time resource once completed. Then again, there are instances where you just can’t find the right staff to fill a need, and would like to get folks in to help fill that gap until a permanent solution can be found.

Alasdair can help fill those needs for non-project work, where we might be needed for a few weeks (or even a few months) and not be attached to a specific project or outcome. You give us orders, we will follow them! It makes for a flexible arrangement that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

One caveat we do want to share: for legal purposes, we are reluctant to fill certain roles we’ve been asked to in the past, most notably “C” roles. Interim CIO and CISO titles for example have very specific legal (and potential regulatory) responsibilities, and outsourcing them, along with the risk, is something we cannot do. This is not to say that we cannot take on some of the technical responsibilities that such a role requires, but we would need to set in place legal language to ensure neither you nor we end up in a sticky legal mess.