Personal Interests

Dave Russell’s Personal Interests

While I consider security fun (like most of the professionals out there), occasionally I find myself doing non-security things. Among my passions are beer brewing (I would be happy to share my favorite scotch ale or Belgian Wit recipes), fair-weather fishing and tinkering. Specifically, as an electrical engineer by education, I still enjoy designing and building electronic circuits. I also spend a fair amount of time working on cars, including a supercharged truck that I swear I never speed in as well as a classic Fox body Mustang convertible – a car I loved as a teenager. These two hobbies have merged into the relatively new field of car hacking, which I wish I had more time for.
Among the more unusual hobbies I have are research into odd scientific disciplines that really don’t have much applicability in daily life but I find fascinating: quantum mechanics, organic chemistry and medicine to name a few. Philosophy and psychology are also academic passions that periodically pique my interest.

Of course, no nerd CV would be complete without video games. I play the occasional video game, and was a developer for quite a few years on a free MMORPG that has been around since 2005 and is still in operation today. If anything, it helps keep my development skills current!

Matthew Jach’s Personal Interests

When he’s not being a security geek, Matthew enjoys spending time working with his hands and his heart on many things far removed from the digital world. Living on a modest farmette, he is an avid gardener, fisherman, chainmailer, brewer of beer, keeper of bees, and an aspiring future blacksmith who treasures time with his family and close friends. He believes staying physically connected to the Earth and interacting with people face-to-face in an increasingly virtual world affords him certain creature comforts he cannot find while being “plugged-in” most hours of the day. When he sleeps, he dreams vividly and with reckless abandon.

Stacy Jach’s Personal Interests

Stacy is happiest when she is tucked into her little corner of the world. Home(stead) is where her heart is. Working in the vegetable garden, cultivating medicinal herbs, and foraging for berries in the woods are all a part of what she considers a good summer day.  In the fall, she enjoys spending much of her time drying, freezing and canning all the beautiful produce and herbs that have filled the garden. Winter is her down time. Time for counting birds with Project FeederWatch, catching up on reading, adding to her apothecary, and dreaming of ways to expand the homestead. Then, the days begin to lengthen and the cycle starts all over with her favorite time of the year. Spring. When everything comes alive again.

Make some time to go connect with nature – take a break from texting, tweeting, and checking the Facebook for just a few minutes. Go watch some birds, take a walk, or count the petals on a flower. You’ll be a better person for it.