Our Clients

While we like talking about security all day, none of that means anything if we’re not actually putting that expertise to effective use. We wanted to give you a bit of a profile as to who our clients typically are and what sorts of services they need.

Vertical Markets Served

We are often asked what vertical markets we work in, and the answer usually boils down to: all of them! There are very few verticals in which we have not worked extensively.

Demand in specific verticals can be unusually cyclical – one year legal is the hot vertical, the next year its finance. Sometimes this can be attributed to specific events (Target drove a big spike in retail interest with regards to security) while some of it is, well, mysterious. So while it’s hard to say “these are markets we see a lot of demand in” due to general variability, we can say that the following verticals have consistently been strong in security:

If yours isn’t on the list, not to worry. Give us a call and we’ll talk about solutions we’ve handled in your specific vertical.

Size and Type

Alasdair tends to serve small- to mid-sized business, up to a few thousand employees. We have certainly handled larger than this over the years, but we have traditionally focused on the needs of the SMB customer, in part because they can sometimes be underserved due to apparent lack of interest from some of the “big players” out there! We find that unfortunate, though I think you’ll find we’re better at security than those guys anyway, so you’re not missing much 😉.

As for the types of customers we have, that covers literally every possible base in terms of security capability and maturity. Some have been small shops that haven’t seen a need for security until recently, some are highly advanced and looking for cutting-edge services, and there’s of course that entire middle ground. Whether your organization is completely new to information security or has a robust team already in place, we are happy to work with you as needed. In the cases where perhaps security is a new concept, let us know and we can design projects around providing additional training to staff as we work such that you can begin to build an internal skillset as well.